What are the differences between a Free Account and a PRO Account?

Please refer to the comparison table shown on the Subscription page.

How does an image get listed under the "Newly Popular" column?

We built our own custom algorithm in order to automatically decide which images show up under the "Newly Popular" column. We're able to alter all of the variables within our algorithm and make adjustements accordingly from time-to-time as the site continues to grow. But since we know some of you really want to know what factors are looked at, here's a simplified version of what our algorithm looks at:

  • Recency of image.
  • Number of image views needed before any other factors are looked at.
  • Number of "Likes" received.
  • Number of times thumbnail image is clicked, divided by the number of times the thumbnail image is displayed. (CTR)

We also make adjustments to the number of days an image selected as "Newly Popular" maintains that status. Again, we adjust these factors at our discretion as the site grows in popularity.

How does an image get chosen as an "Editor's Pick"?

We have many Users throughout the site who have been hand-picked as "Editors". As our Editors browse throughout the site, they have the capability to cast "Votes" on images they feel should be chosen as "Editor's Picks". But it takes a certain amount of Editor Votes in order for a particular image to become an "Editor's Pick". So, how many votes does it take? Sorry, but we can't tell you. But that's only because we adjust the number based on how many Editors we have and how active they are. As we continue to add more and more Editors, we'll need to increase the number of votes necessary. Don't worry though...once an image becomes an "Editor's Pick", it will always be an "Editor's Pick"...even if we increase the number of votes needed.

What should I do if I have any additional questions not answered on this page?

Please submit a "Contact Request" and someone from our support department will respond to you personally.